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Famous Couples Book Cover


Penguin Books has always had a certain iconic aesthetic to their book cover designs. Simple, yet memorable. For their new series called, 'Famous Couples,' each book tells a story of a famous couple. The cover design needed to convey the couples' relationship in a conceptual and abstract way. Bringing together illustration, color and typography.


For the book cover about Morticia and Gomez Addams, two symbols are combined to create an overall message about what their relationship is like. A candelabra being lit not by a flame, but by fireworks each representing Morticia and Gomez. The illustration is in a box, but it's slightly protruding to represent the way that they are always out of society's norms with their out-of-the-box personalities and interests that make them a unique, dynamic couple. A simple, illustrative solution, for a complex deeper storyline fitting into the conformity of Penguin Books.

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