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Sexual harassment against women in the workplace has been an ongoing issue that has not been resolved. There is plenty of campaigns about the issue and they quite often focus on standing against the issue and bringing survivors stories to the surface, but there also needs to be some campaigns that more directly address the root of the problem. That was the goal for this ad campaign, to flip the script and have people question whether they are helping or further hurting the issue through the use of icons and typography.


To bring more awareness to the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace, a very simplified icon was created. The icon emphasized positive and negative space only using bold solid shapes. This, paired with a powerful phrase, was all that was used for design elements. Keeping the sleek design allowed for immediate attention towards the most important parts, the issue itself and the way it is being communicated. A turquoise shade to signify the color of sexual harassment awareness and black and white were used for a clean color palette. A handwritten version of the font Archer complimented the icon with a technical, workplace feeling font, but with more personality.

Initial Brainstorming.
Initial Sketches
Handwritten Type Exploration
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