6 Steps To...

A How-To for Bonding Your Bunnies.


A set of six icons as a narrative needed to be created to teach someone a skill. The icons needed to have a cohesiveness to them in regards to style and other factors. A "how to" guide in the style of a brochure is what is intended with these icons. A design system with similar type, icons and other design elements is what is necessary to make up the brochure.


The six step brochure guide teaches you how to bond two bunnies. The illustrations are in a fun, playful style with a child-like texture. The illustrations are simplified and direct. You can understand what is happening in each step with less detail and they're still engaging. The refined color palette of just magenta, yellow and khaki allows each bunny to stand out. The icons contrasted by the hand-written vector type, pair well and give it a minimalistic feeling.

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