Drag & Drop

You Better Work!

All About Drag Extravaganza.

PROJECT TYPE: Environmental / Branding          YEAR OF COMPLETION: 2019          DURATION: 10 weeks              


Drag & Drop is an annual drag Festival held in San Diego. There aren’t many existing large drag events, so there was a need for expansion. The usual aesthetic styles for drag events involve pink hues, fashion and makeup related items and things related to royalty. However, Drag & Drop wanted to differ from the rest and allow room for growth and broader values. This festival is mainly targeted towards drag queens, ages 27-38.


Drag and Drop celebrates the drag community and the history behind it without dipping into the generic imagery that is usually attributed to it. The imagery used throughout the branding is photos of drag queens, silhouettes of queens voguing (a huge part of the origins of drag) and twinkle shapes and patterns. The type of messaging used is quotes related to drag and the tone is sassy. The fonts Rubik (bold sans serif) and Just Lovely (feminine script) were used to embody the contrast of boldness and softness that occurs in drag. Then there's even more contrast with the warm hues of pink and orange and cold hues of purple and cyan within the color palette. These elements all work together to be used for signing, the event entry, kiosks, banners and event booklet.

Logo Process
Booklet Cover Process
Kiosk Process
Entryway Process
Branding Elements
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