A Poem: Windy City

Chicago. Chicago.

Visual Representation of a Famous Chicago Poem.

PROJECT TYPE: Typography          YEAR OF COMPLETION: 2019         DURATION: 6 weeks


Our Typography 2 class collaborated with SDSU's English and Comparative Literature Department, as well as the Poetry International organization to design a given poem in a creative and conceptual way. The Poetry International website had poems from all over the world to choose from. The poem I chose was 'Windy City' by United States author Stuart Dybek, a poem describing the season of Autumn in Chicago in a more mysterious tone. This poem had to be successfully designed and work with typography and integrated imagery in one, the goal being to visually interpret what you are reading.


To communicate the message that the poem, 'Windy City' is expressing, the imagery had to be powerful, yet not too obvious to allow the viewer to take it in properly. Within the poem, Dybek describes different things flowing with the wind. Drapes were photographed and abstracted to depict the wispy wind. The typeface "Janson Text" was scanned in and moved to further create a windy effect. These two elements placed together created the illusion of the type moving with the drapes. The poem text itself has slightly shifted verses in each stanza, with the final lines being blurred and repeated as if it was flying away with the wind and slowly dispersing. The image and type connection successfully expressed the sophisticated and nostalgic imagery described in the poem.

Initial exploration sketches
Scanned in type to create "windy effect"
Type + Image exploration
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