GIft, Shift and Co-Exist.

A Reusable Gift Box.

PROJECT TYPE: Packaging        YEAR OF COMPLETION: 2019        DURATION: 5 weeks       COLLABORATION: Michael Chavez, Romeo Kpolu, Chanelly Laguna


Gift boxes contribute to America’s waste problem, especially after the holidays when 25% more trash than usual is thrown away. It’s not only harmful to the environment, but produces unnecessary costs for both the producer and consumer. Shift needed a gift box design that would eliminate this problem. It needed to transform the way you use and think about gifting. 


At Shift, each gift box you buy has a double life and nothing goes to waste. Whether your box becomes a game, an organizer, a holder, etc. Shift partners up with local stores to be able to provide the service at people's convenience. The table-top game line of gift boxes is the perfect way to not only sneakily give your friends the gift of libation, but also allow them (or yourself) to turn up the party with some fun games that require minimal setup. This specific box transforms from a beer caddy carrier to be able to transport your drinks to a location, but then transforms into corn hole once you arrive at said location. There are options for add-on's such as ring-toss, to transform the one game into many with convenience from being able to just pick it up at a local store. The Roboto family of fonts were used in order to give the brand a technical-gamey feeling, while being approachable. This, along with the color palette of black, yellow and purple and the arrow pattern brings back nostalgic feelings of football games and old board games. Cardboard was used as the material for an affordable and environmentally-friendly viewpoint, giving off trendy aesthetics.

The Shift Team Working Together
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