Aguas Tapatias

La Ciudad Para Volver, Volver.

Aguas Frescas Brand Inspired by Guadalajara.

PROJECT TYPE: Packaging          YEAR OF COMPLETION: 2016           DURATION: 4 weeks


Aguas Tapatias is a vivid and playful aguas frescas brand inspired by Guadalajara, Jalisco. The brand commemorates the culture and traditions of Guadalajara on each bottle, while keeping a fresh, contemporary feel. Created with sustainability in mind, Aguas Tapatias is geared towards consumers (12-27), who prefer a healthier choice of drinks. The goal of this beverage brand is to showcase city pride and represent the people and iconic culture that make Guadalajara an extraordinary destination.


To celebrate the lively spirit of this region, each bottle highlights an important tradition from the city. The bottles are illustrated in the style of "papel picado" with a bright color palette matching each flavor's color. The illustration style, mixed with approachable Andes and the script typeface Bali Beach, which resembles Mexican hand painted signs, evokes a feeling of both past and present. To go green, I used glass instead of plastic and added a recyclable top to the beverage. To further the brands sustainable style, a portion of the profits go to the Pronatura Charity, who strive to protect local flora, fauna and the ecosystem.



Despite aguas frescas' popularity in the United States and Mexico, few incorporate cultural elements. Aguas Tapatias differentiates itself from competitors by accentuating Mexican traditions in a culturally sensitive way and have environmental responsibility.



One of the most well known Mexican soft drinks, a twist on traditional aguas frescas flavors. Its logo is a reference to how aguas are traditionally served in Mexico.


A mineral water brand in Mexico with flavors resembling popular aguas frescas. It is now part of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and is expanding into North America.

A group of friends drinking Aguas Tapatias
Brand guidelines for Aguas Tapatias
Detail shot of Maripiña flavor.
Flat Label Designs
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