Ghost App: Final Designs

Your Daily Source for Emotional Music.


Alternative music genres that have gathered a small, yet passionate following aren't recognized as much in mass media, so there needed to be an app for this niche audience. The app's purpose is to draw more attention to these genres/musical artists and also bring in a social aspect to this community and make it easier for their listeners to find their music (old and new), stay updated with events, and find similar artists they may like. The app needed to include general flows that a music app should have as well as have a unique aspect to it.


Ghost was created in order to provide a music outlet for lovers of alternative music genres. 'Ghost,' is named after a similar theme that is mentioned in this type of music and also abstractly representing how it's rooted in nostalgia of the past and goes in-hand with the cool-toned, dark, seamless and ghostly color palette. The app gives people a chance to connect socially with others with similar music tastes and interests by including a social feed where people can follow each other, post, and send messages. Friendly Montserrat, paired with distinct and beautifully haunting Clearface Gothic LT STD gives both the app and the music genre a more refreshed and neat look. To make the app unique from other music apps, it allows the users to pin their favorite song to their profile to add more of their personality to their page as well as share a little piece of themselves to their followers.

Initial Moodboarding

The music app Ghost, highlights the less known genres of music shifting the narrative and giving this music new life.


Youthful - The brand would have a youthful, contemporary feel
appealing to millennials.

Community - The brand has strong values in catering to the
community and making it a safe, open space for all.

Discovery - The brand would focus on expanding your music
library and finding new artists.

Nostalgic - The brand is rooted in the nostalgia that music can give you
and uses that as momentum.

Final Brand Elements

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