Celebrating Off The Wall.

Promotional Site for Vans Focusing on Their History.

PROJECT TYPE: Web/Interactive          YEAR OF COMPLETION: 2016          DURATION: 5 weeks


Vans, an iconic skate shoe company, needs to constantly expand and innovate their brand to stay relevant. The main audience for this are trendy individuals, aged 16-31, who are a part of the skate culture or enjoy Vans' edgy style. Vans needed a promotional website as a way to generate interest about the history of their most popular shoes and how they connect to skate culture.


This new responsive website shines light on information that the main website keeps hidden, including the history of the iconic shoes. Importance is placed on customer stories and social media. Personas were developed to help optimize the information architecture for a strong user experience. The website commemorates the Old Skool and Sk8-Hi shoe that has the iconic Vans sidestripe. The website is full of hand-drawn doodles that reference the shoe stripe and create movement. The website's styling and personality is in line with the grungy look of skateboard culture. To maintain consistency with the brand's style and core website, red, black and white from the brand were used along with textural elements.

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