E3 Unlocked

Where Virtual Meets Reality.

The E3 Conference, but With a Themed Twist.

PROJECT TYPE: Branding          YEAR OF COMPLETION: 2017          DURATION: 4 weeks


E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is a premier trade event for the video game industry. A dynamic theme was needed to differentiate it from past conference's. The "Unlocked" theme was inspired by video game symbols and the classic 8-bit gaming style. Geared primarily towards the gamer part of the audience (ages 21-36), as compared to the game developers, publishers and hardware manufacturers that generally attend. The execution could diverge from E3's traditional solutions, but still feel aligned to their core values and messaging. 


To unify the theme with E3's brand values, logo and style of messaging, the expo got an updated color palette. I used a mix of bright and neutral colors to communicate the playful nature of gaming and how sleek the consoles look. The typefaces Texta, a contemporary sans, Apex Serif, a warmly authoritative serif and Mini 7, a pixel font, were used to evoke the gamer feeling while keeping things clean. Graphic elements, 8-bit icons and patterns were created to fit the "Unlocked" theme and are used all across the expo branding, merchandise and interactive elements. 



Every great brands needs a great positioning strategy to guide them. The best type of positioning is based on customer attitudes, strengths of a brand and trends within competition. An opening needs to be found or created in a changing marketplace.

The "Unlocked" conference, needs to be carefully positioned to stand out from other gaming conferences. The positioning strategy began by writing the brands onliness statement.


What: The only gaming expo

How: that gives you gaming updates, related merchandise and special speaker presentations by the biggest game developers

Who: targeting primarily gamers, secondary industry workers

Where: based in Los Angeles

Why: who want to stay updated with the gaming world

When: during a time of constant evolution in both technology and creative conferences


Target Market

Most conference competitors either are about the game development and business, technology, or current news in gaming. "Unlocked" is all about games (current and upcoming), and the technology that goes with it. The 21-36 year old market of dedicated, passionate gamers and developers really value staying informed and knowing all the top reveals and updates. With a new focus on the actual gamers, compelling conference events include gamer Geekly Chat sessions and an opportunity to participate in virtual reality.

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