Local Latinx

Let This Be Your Guide.

A Guide to all Things Latinx in San Diego.

PROJECT TYPE: Typography          YEAR OF COMPLETION: 2019           DURATION: 5 weeks


San Diego is known for its diversity among communities. There is particularly a large presence of the Latinx community that make up a lot of the popular restaurants, bars, shops, etc. Local Latinx is a guide to all things Latinx in San Diego. It features a map, a list of top places, yelp reviews and some fun facts. Its focus is to primarily steer away from the stigma that Latinx places should be 'cheap' and instead highlight how fun, trendy and interesting they actually are. Targeted towards an audience of young adults, ages 21–34, who want to explore, dive into the culture or just enjoy fun events and places.


In order to communicate the lively spirit of the Latinx community, the Local Latinx guide features a palette of vibrant yellow and magenta contrasted by a rich black to match the colorful and edgy aesthetics of most of the places featured. Hand-drawn illustrations are added to give visual clues about what some of these places are about as well as emphasizing how much art is centered within the community. The neo-humanist Andes type family mixed with the ultra legible ITC Legacy give the overall guide its fun and inviting personality. Aside, from the guide, a separate booklet for one of the aforementioned places in the guide was also created. It was made in the same style as the guide, but focused on Border X in particular, with photos and illustrations added especially for it honoring their four year anniversary.

Front and back of Local Latinx Guide.
An accompanying accordion booklet showcasing a place (Border X) featured on the guide.
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