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Environmental Graphics Showcasing Inventors that Influenced Qualcomm.

PROJECT TYPE: Environmental          YEAR OF COMPLETION: 2017          DURATION: 8 months             


The Qualcomm company is a world leader in digital communication, linking people everywhere. Qualcomm tasked our team to develop environmental graphics for six floors of elevator bays in their Research and Development building. The target audience for the project was very unique, consisting of scientists and engineers with PHD's and diverse cultures all dedicated to changing the world. Our idea needed to be timeless, low-maintenance and engaging to keep the amazing workers at campus interested and inspired. We pitched our proposal to the Qualcomm team on their campus.


Our team presented a design direction that showcased inventors who influenced the technology at Qualcomm, showing their struggles, philosophies and achievements. Just as the Qualcomm company is made up of diverse workers, we wanted a diverse group of inventors. These inventors were showcased through the combination of a quote, portrait and original notes and schematics installed with printed plexi glass panels at various depths. The surrounding walls were painted with a bold color to immediately capture the attention of viewers. An outlined numbered applied in vinyl, was used to introduce wayfinding. The Blender Pro and Overpass typefaces tied the piece together, giving it a technical, scientific feeling. 

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Floor Mockup


Qualcomm culture is driven by innovation, invention and collaboration. It is employee-centered and is powered by diversity. They place a high value on the unique perspectives that make-up the company.


The target audience consisted of the estimated 800 scientists and engineers with PHD's in the R&D building, ages 30-55. The employees come from different backgrounds, but share interests such as science, math, technology and geek culture.


Me installing plexi glass
Detail shots of plexi glass layers and notations.


The project had many physical constraints to work around. Our team had a budget of about $1,000 per floor. We had to contain our design to a recessed area on one wall. The piece also had to be durable, lasting at least ten years, with extremely low maintenance. To fabricate the design, we collaborated with a local company called Populate.


To achieve a successful result, our design needed to be cohesive, sophisticated and technology-focused across all floors. We wanted it to be colorful without looking juvenile. The installations needed to use durable inexpensive materials like plexiglass, vinyl and paint. The goal was to show diverse expressions of science with a timeless quality.

Pre-Unveiling Ceremony
Qualcomm Unveiling Ceremony
The team: (left to right) Tony Lieb, Giovanni Farin, Brie Witko, Carol Taira, Chanelly Laguna, Bradford Prairie, Sean Bacon, Populate Creative

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