The Emerald of the Equator.

Fair-Trade Chocolate Brand From Indonesia.

PROJECT TYPE: Typography          YEAR OF COMPLETION: 2019          DURATION: 6 weeks


Kokomodo is an Indonesian organic chocolate brand known for using fair-trade ingredients and practicing fair-trade values. While fair-trade is a growing market, there is still few companies overall helping fight global economic injustice. Kokomodo needed a brand and package design that clearly reflected values of farmer equality, fair pay and considered environmental aspects.


The lavish biodiversity of the Indonesian region was integrated into the brand name, icons and illustrations. The Komodo dragon is shown as the brand mascot as its one of Indonesia's most notable and important animals; some might say legendary. It holds a basket of the fair-trade ingredients that are used alongside the cacao beans showing you that the farmers are working hard to make this product. The packaging uses recycled paper to help preserve natural resources and further expands on the brand's values by also using few colors. The Skia type family was used for its clean, yet handwritten stone-carved look.

Flat Design
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